Little Girl Fought Tick Paralysis Bravely! Here’s What You Need To Know To Avoid Tick Bites


Tick season is in action. The year 2017 has been predicted to have the highest rate of ticks as compared to the past. This season we may witness a surge in tick-borne illnesses.

A recent case of tick-borne illness has been reported in Eastern Oregon, USA. Amanda posted this video of her daughter Evelyn on Facebook on 13th May 2017. She said,

“This morning she was having a hard time standing. She could barely walk, or crawl, and could hardly use her arms.”

Amanda recorded her condition, to get help from her family. But soon Amanda and her husband realized that they should rush to the hospital as Evelyn’s condition was getting worse.

We had a little bit of a scary morning today…luckily everything is ok but I wanted to share this so the rest of you are aware.Evelyn started acting a little weird last night around bed time. She didn't want to stand up after her bath to get into her pajamas. I helped her and got her in bed. She was a little fussy last night and I ended up sleeping in bed with her all night.This morning she was having a hard time standing. She could barely walk, or crawl, and could hardly use her arms. We took some video to send to family to see if they had any idea what could be going on. We decided to take her into the ER right after we took this video because her symptoms were getting worse, and given Lantz's history with cancer we were quite concerned.We got into a room quickly, thank God, and were seen almost right away. The doctor talked to us for a minute and said over the past 15 years he had seen about 7 or 8 children her age with identical symptoms and more than likely she had a tick. They looked her over, combed through her hair really well and sure enough found a tick hiding in her hair.This condition is called tick paralysis. It can affect dogs also and can be fatal. I'm glad we took her in when we did and that it wasn't something worse and that we found it before it got worse.The ticks are out like crazy right now in this area so if your children or dogs start acting a little off, check them thoroughly for ticks!I feel awful for not having seen the little bugger sooner but I never would have even thought to look for a tick. It's crazy that a little bug can do this!We're still in the ER. Now that the tick has been removed, Evelyn should start feeling like herself in a couple of hours. She's enjoying popsicles and watching cartoons ☺ They want to monitor her for a little longer then we can go homeCrazy morningUPDATE: I didn't realize how widespread this video would end up! So for those of you who don't know us personally, Evelyn is doing much better. It took her until the next morning to start acting like herself again. She is now pretty much completely back to her feisty little self. She complains a lot about her head itching but otherwise she's just fine.My husband and I are still in shock that this happened to our baby girl and I'm glad we were able to spread some awareness about this. It's not terribly common for this to happen but it's good to be aware that if your children or pets start having weakness in their limbs to look for a tick! The doctor told us that the type of tick that was found on her does not typically carry lyme disease (dog tick) but we are keeping a close eye on her anyway."Tick paralysis results from injection of a toxin from tick salivary glands during a blood meal. The toxin causes symptoms within 2–7 days, beginning with weakness in both legs that progresses to paralysis. The paralysis ascends to the trunk, arms, and head within hours and may lead to respiratory failure and death. The disease can present as acute ataxia without muscle weakness"For more information on Tick paralysis:'m so thankful that we got her to the doctor quickly before her symptoms got worse and that the doctor in the ER that day had experience with this otherwise who knows how many tests they would have been doing on her trying to figure out what was wrong!Thank you all for your kind words and support through this crazy time! ♥UPDATE AGAIN:We're located in Eastern Oregon USA. Ticks though can be found all over. They're causing all kinds of problems on the east coast of America right now as well

Posted by Amanda Lewis on Saturday, May 13, 2017


The worried parents took her to the doctor where thankfully the doctors were able to diagnose the illness. The doctor reported that,

“over the past 15 years he had seen about 7 or 8 children her age with identical symptoms and more than likely she had a tick”

The doctors had combed through Evelyn’s hair really well and found a tick hidden in her hair. Upon the diagnosis, it was found that Evelyn was the victim of tick paralysis.

Source: Facebook

We all wish Evelyn speedy recovery =) Her condition has raised awareness regarding horrifying ticks paralysis and tick bites among the masses.

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It is important to know the symptoms, treatment, and prevention for tick bites in order to avoid human tick paralysis. Here are few things that will help you to understand more about Ticks.

 Symptoms of Tick Paralysis 

  1. Symptoms can be visible after five to seven days once a tick is attached to the scalp or any part of the body.
  2. The patient starts feeling itching, fever, headache, fatigue, muscle & joint pain and numbness in the legs.
  3. Paralysis may rapidly occur from the lower body parts towards the upper part of the body.
  4.  If the tick is not removed timely, it can result in a tongue or even facial paralysis.
  5. An extreme case may result in convulsions or respiratory failure.
  6. If left untreated it can result in death in extreme cases.
  7. Ticks also carry other diseases such as Lyme disease, which is caused by deer ticks also known as black-legged ticks.

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 Treatment Of Tick Bites 

  1. If symptoms prevail, look for the tick in the hair, scalp, behind the ears or neck.
  2. Comb hair thoroughly to find tick if attached to the scalp.
  3. If a tick is found, remove it with the tweezer instantly.
  4. Never use your hands to pick the tick. Use tweezers and grasp the tick close to its head or mouth.
  5. Gently pull the tick upwards, avoid twisting or crushing it.
  6. Ideally, put the tick in a container, wrap it in a plastic bag and freeze it as your doctor may need to examine the tick if the symptoms persist.
  7. If the tick is alive, then put it in the container or a plastic bag and place it in a cool place. The tick needs to be examined as it can result in further complexities.
  8. After removing the tick, wash your hands with water and soap.
  9. Don’t forget to wash the area surrounding the tick bites.

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 Prevention From Ticks 

  1. Avoid tick-prone areas and high grass.
  2. Use tick repellents on exposed skin when you go outside.
  3. Cover your body by wearing long sleeves, pants and closed shoes.
  4. Tucking pants into socks is highly recommended.
  5. Wear light-colored clothes so that the ticks may be easily identified if they are present on the clothes.
  6. Check your body for ticks once you reach home after staying outdoor.
  7. Examine the body carefully while taking the shower. Parents should examine the scalp, behind the ears and neck for any tick bite.
  8. Call or reach to your doctor if the symptoms are visible.
  9. Keep a check on your pets for ticks. Ask for preventative actions from the vet to avoid ticks.

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You can find more home remedies and health treatments by exploring here.

Do leave comments and tell us how you are going to protect yourself from ticks this summer!



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