The 2 Week Diet Review By Brian Flatt

2 week diet review
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Hello peeps! Today we invited our regular reader Ellie to share her weight loss journey. She will be sharing her experience with the famous 2 Week Diet Plan. She will dig into the 2 week diet plan and will let you know in her 2 week diet review that if it really works or not.

2 Week Diet Review


I’ll be unleashing the 2 weeks diet plan for all those who want to try this program and also for those who want to know that does this diet work or not? There would be many questions in mind and I will let you know every detail that worked.

2 Week Diet By Brian Flatt

I have been trying different weight loss programs and diet plans as I am really quick in gaining weight. Two weeks back I didn’t realize that I had gained weight quite rapidly. I was 14 pounds overweight to be exact. I started searching for the rapid weight loss strategy then I found about the 2 week diet plan- a meal plan for extreme weight loss. When I read about how to lose weight program, I was not sure that will it work or not but after reading the introduction and 2 Week Diet review, I thought of buying it as this fast weight loss program make sense.

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What is 2 Week Diet Plan Program?

Are you putting 100% into your diet program, but feel like you’re getting 0 results?

Many people find themselves in this pickle. They work hard, hold on to their diet strategy like a bulldog, but fail to see the transformation they wanted. Hopes were high, but the scale just isn’t going downward. Putting on weight is really easy for me but getting rid of this weight and stubborn fat is a way too difficult.

I started this 2 Week Diet Plan because I had to attend the family reunion right just two weeks away. I didn’t have time to work for 3 months or 6 months long weight loss plans, giving no results. So, when I searched for best short range diet, best weight loss programs and how to lose weight quickly, that is when I found about the 2-week diet plan on the Internet. After going through the 2 Week Diet reviews and introduction manual, I decided to try the two-week diet program.

Upon investigation, I found that the Two Week Diet was created by Brian Flatt; who is also the creator of the famous 3 week diet program. He is a nutritionist, personal trainer as well as the author of multiple books and courses. The 2 week diet plan review claims to help you get rid of almost 19 pounds of body fat in merely 2 weeks or 14 days. These are the stubborn fats that you can lose with Brian’s weight loss methods.


Apart from weight loss, the 2 week diet plan review also make few more promises such as

  • It helps to enhance muscle structure
  • It works on vanishing cellulite
  • It also increases energy levels as you are not starving

The claims made by the author are impressive but we should keep this in mind that it is not a miracle diet that can reduce you from size 10 to size 0. Also, your body structure, fat composition, and lifestyle depend on how much weight you are going to lose.

The 2 Week Diet Book is divided into Four Handbooks

  1. Launch Handbook
  2. 2 Week Diet Handbook
  3. 2 Week Activity Handbook
  4. 2 Week Motivation Handbook

The 2 Week Diet Launch Handbook

The launch book contains a detail introduction of the 2 week diet plan that can help you to shed extra pounds of weight. It also elaborates an easy-to-follow crash diet course in a step-by-step format which makes it easy for the dieters to understand and follow. It gives quick fat burning tips and tricks to try losing fat quickly. The launch book also let you know about the specific nutrients that can increase your metabolism rate and also help you to regain health and energy. It will also bust some common weight loss myths.

2 Week Diet Handbook

This handbook will highlight the most important part of your diet i.e. what to eat, when to eat and how much to eat? This part is written in detail and caters to a lot of important issues like it helps dieters to tailor rapid weight loss plan according to their own body type, structure and fat composition. One thing that I really like about this weight loss program was that in other diet plans I end up guessing should I eat this or not? How much should I eat this? and blah blah.. But upon reading the diet plan I knew I don’t have to play guesswork with this diet. I knew what should I eat, how much should I eat and when should I eat for rapid fat burning.

You can also find some cool weight loss shopping tips. I like this part the most as it will tell you, which food should you buy and which food you should avoid for weight loss. This part also reveals the best fat burning food that you should eat. All of us who want to keep the extra weight off the body for good must know about these fat burning food.

2 Week Diet Activity Handbook

Since it is a rapid weight loss diet so it is important to do workouts to fasten the fat burning process. This diet also includes exercise and workouts to lose weight fast, however, you don’t need to workout for long hours. You just need to commit 20 minutes a day for 3-4 days a week for an effective weight loss.

The best thing about the workouts is that you can do these exercises at home without going to the gym. So, there is no extra cost for a gym membership. If you already have a gym membership then there is also a separate gym workout plan that you can perform for rapid weight loss.

2 Week Motivation Handbook

We all know that we start a diet plan with all energy but tend to lose focus in just a few days. It becomes difficult to catch up with the diet plans and do workouts regularly. So, this handbook helps you to remain focused throughout your 14 days diet. This is an important chapter as it develops the right mindset to stay motivated and achieve your weight loss goals. It cultivates willpower to keep you motivated to maintain your healthy weight to avoid building unwanted fat in your body.

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Does the 2 Week Diet Really Work?

I started the 2-week diet as I had put on a lot of weight, like 14 pounds over the past few months. After following the diet,

  • I have lost 16 pounds in total that are two additional pounds of weight loss.
  • I feel energetic and stimulated as I wasn’t tired or starved for food.
  • I had to follow the diet plan according to my weight so I just stick to that. I had to avoid few things that I like to eat as they were mentioned a part of food that I should avoid.

Overall, the diet plan is simple to understand and after reading through it, you can see that losing 8 to 16 pounds in 14 days actually makes sense.

2 Week Diet Plan Introduction Blueprint Download

You can find the introduction blueprint of 2 week diet pdf free for download. It will help you to decide that it is easy to lose weight and keep it away from gaining if you strictly follow the 2 week diet. You can Click here to get the 2 Week Diet PDF Download.

The Final Verdict

Well, this was my experience with the 2-week diet plan and I am satisfied with the results so I have given my 2 week diet review. If you also wanted to try the 14 days diet but are hesitant of trying this crash diet course, then I recommend you to buy the 2 week diet plan, read through it and complete the diet in 14 days. After 14 days, If you felt that this diet did not work for you then you can get your money back. The 2 week diet creator offers 60 days money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the results. So there is no bargain! But if you stick to the guidelines mentioned in the 2 week diet review plan pdf book then you definitely won’t need a refund.


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  1. For the price, the plan is a great deal! To some degree, I think many people want to try to wing-it so-to-speak when it comes to dieting. However, I feel that if you have some sort of plan/guideline to follow that greatly helps your odds of successfully completing your dieting goals.

  2. Congratulations on the weight loss. Always nice to hear success stories. It’s nice to read that energy wasn’t lost and you felt good whist on your journey.

  3. SO excited to read about this! There are literally hundreds of diet programs and eating plans and I get so overwhelmed. I like that this program is very comprehensive, was created by a professional that understands food and the human body and that there are testimonials that attest to the results. Trying this!


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