All you gals who want to know how to don an absolutely glowing skin, and all you overtly conscious moms who want the perfect diet plan for their kids who hate food, and all you ardent weight-watchers who want to be toned from head to toe, and all the rest of you out there, WE PRESENT TO YOU A WHOLE MINE OF INFORMATION!

“My two days old baby had severe colic pain. He kept bawling like anything! I rummaged the search engines for instant colic relief tips. I had the hardest time finding something that had no medical jargons and incomprehensible terms. Phew! Thank you guys!  ” This was a testimonial written by a visitor for our website.


If you are looking for a health and fitness guide that can add value to your everyday life then you are at the RIGHT place.

That’s what sets us apart. We make information as reader friendly as we can. We don’t create medical research theses; we make articles for people like us, for people like you.

We are excited to have you on our platform. CareCalm is a blog dedicated to health and fitness and written absolutely for you. It aims to offer a plethora of information to individuals of all ages looking for topics related to health, diet, nutrition, weight loss and lifestyle.

At our website, we are determined to provide quality information on everyday issues related to health, fitness, and diet.

Explore CareCalm and see how it can enhance your daily life with just simply making tweaks in your diet and everyday life.


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Atiya is the founder of Care Calm. She holds a business & communication degree and is exploring health industry for better opportunities.

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Mary Eduson writes and manage fresh and informative content for Care Calm. She loves to write about wellness & natural cures for everyday health issues.

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