Do Lice Like Clean Hair? Busting The Myths Big Time

Do Lice Like Clean Hair

Do Lice Like Clean Hair? Head lice infestation is a grueling experience and it may take you several days or even weeks to get rid of head lice completely.

Scratching head in public places can be embarrassing. While doing this there are people wandering around telling you an abundance of persistent misinformation and so-called facts that not even stands TRUE.

This piece of article is going to shed light on some utterly amazing facts that you may not have known before. Learn more about head lice and the way that they have evolved over years.

Do Lice Like Clean Hair? Busting Such Myths!

Today we are going to talk about those facts or myths that people have believed in for years. We are going to Bust the Myths Big Time!

1Lice Can Fly

The no.1 myth is that lice can fly and jump from head to head. This is the biggest myth of all times. Lice are wingless creatures so they really can’t fly or jump by any means.

The most common reason for getting head lice infestation is by coming in contact of a person who has been infested with head lice.

Kids usually get infested in schools. That’s may be due to the reason that they play together and every so often put their heads close while playing. This gives a fairly easy way for the transmission of head lice from one host to another.

2Lice Like Dirty Hair

The No.2 myth is that lice are attracted by dirty hair and would prefer to live in a dirty environment. Some people firmly believe that head lice infestation is a result of unhygienic habits or not cleaning hair properly. This is absolutely WRONG!

So do lice like clean hair? The answer is that lice can thrive in any type of hair. However, clean hair and scalp can assist their moving. They may prefer that their host has a clean scalp so that it becomes easy for head lice to move and crawl in a clean scalp as compared to oily and greasy scalp.

3Short Hair People Are Free From Head Lice

Parents often cut short their kids hair in a desperate attempt and thinking that lice don’t infest short hair. This is again blatantly WRONG thinking!

If short hair kid shares caps, hat, ear plugs, pillow or other personal stuff of an infected person, he or she is likely to get head lice.

Whenever lice will found favorable living conditions it will move to the next host regardless of the fact that a person has short, long, silky or curly hair, leaving tons of nits behind in the previous host.

4Black People Don’t Get Head Lice

Due to the afro bonnet hair styles and curly texture of black people, it is widely believed that black people don’t get head lice. This is again a WRONG notion!

Head lice have evolved over the years and now it is able to survive in black people hair. White people have round hair follicles while Black people have oval hair follicles. Head lice find it easy to move in white people hair as compared to black people curly hair.

This is the reason that you may have seen more cases of head lice infestation in white people in comparison to black people. But the interesting fact is that head lice infestation is common in African countries as head lice have learned to evolve according to their environment and host.

5Adult’s Are Safe From Head Lice

Adult in the family often thinks that kids are the victim of head lice. However, Adults are as likely to get head lice as the kids are. So, adults don’t get head lice is an absolutely WRONG approach.

Adults in the family should take care of their hair whenever someone there is a case of head lice in the family. It is important to kill head lice with natural remedies or chemical shampoos and lotions otherwise, it can spread from one person to another as mentioned above.

6Head Lice Can Spread From Pets

If you or someone in your family gets head lice, you may start accusing your furry pet or canine of spreading lice. However, there is NO TRUTH in getting human hair head lice from animals.

Human hair head lice are different and they are meant to live on the blood of human beings. So, it is not your pet friend that has spread this problem at your home. Nor, head lice can spread from humans to animals.

If you see your pet scratching excessively he might have got fleas or something else but not head lice.

Do lice like clean hair seems to be a myth in itself yet it doesn’t stand true. If you are curious that can black people get head lice or do hair dye help in killing lice or wanted to know some excellent home remedies to treat head lice then continue surfing here.



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