How I Found the Best Remedy to Treat My Acne>


When I was in my teens the worst thing that use to happen to me was the growing acne or pimple on my face. I would bear the pimple anywhere but not on face. Did I just said PIMPLE ON THE FACE? Ugghh! That’s something that I can’t bear. I don’t know why my hormones are not so balanced that it always has created mess for me. You don’t know how difficult it was for me to go to the college with acne landmarks on my face.

Things got troubled once I passed my puberty. The acne was getting more frequent and was occurring multiple times in a month. This triggered my senses that I need to follow up a consultation with the doctor as I could feel that I was not in normal stages.

My breakout tends to make me cranky as the pimples were covering all my face. Within a month my situation became worse. My whole face was filled with pus like pimples and there was redness all over my face. This redness was accelerating with time so I was much confused and worried about my face.

The pain that I had to bear was another story. My friends use to comment on my skin condition. They would feel pity for me due to the current state of my acne covered face.

After passing through some really depressing moment, I finally talked to my mother and set up an appointment with the doctor. After the day arrived when I had an appointment with the doctor I simply washed my face with splashes of water and went to see the doctor.

When doctor saw my condition, he instantly asked me about my hygiene, diet and daily routine. He then added that my skin was having acne vulgaris. He suggested me to take special care of the skin by giving me Lotion Alba for applying it to the skin overnight. This lotion was thick texture, white in color was prepared to dry out the acnes and fight the bacteria.

He also gave me clinagel to apply right after an acne bump appears. Clina gel is a fine medicine that I believe anyone can use over the pimples. It does not gives result overnight but at least it helps in removing the scar.

Along with this, my doctor also gave me few medicines to take with water. It also included a supplement containing omega 3 fatty acids for a vibrant skin. He also gave me antibiotic course that I followed for few days.

After following his medicines for two weeks, I could see that the acne was vanishing but at a slower pace. In the second appointment he asked to apply lotion alba every other day instead of applying daily.

Overall, the medicines after a course of one month, I could feel that all the medicines worked well for treating acne vulgaris. The process was slowed down and after completing his medicine course my skin condition was far better. After I took the proper treatment, my face and hormones are now more balanced. Now I don’t get those pesky pimples and I am happy from my face and skin as it is flawless and smooth now.


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