How Many Calories In a Pear? A Juicy Treat

How many Calories in a Pear

Pear is a member of Rosacea Family which comes in a variety of colours such as red, yellow, green and brown pears. The answer of how many calories in a pear? is that an average sized pear contains a total of 57 calories per piece. Pear is considered amongst the best fruit for maintaining a healthy life. Perhaps, many individuals are not aware of the nutritional value of pear. It is enriched with vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin B2, vitamin B3, vitamin B6 and carbohydrates.

Pear Nutrition Facts

This mighty fruit is fortified with dietary fibre making it a highly fibrous fruit. It helps in maintaining a healthy digestive system and amplifies its working ability. Other minerals that are found in pear encompasses potassium, calcium, magnesium, manganese and copper. Pear is regarded amongst the best juicy fruits found in the world. It is embellished with all such properties that are required to maintain a healthful life.

It is highly replete with phytonutrients which are also acknowledged as flavonoids. These are filled with anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties which prevent us from many maladies.

Health Benefits of Pear

Pears contribute in decreasing the risk of life-threatening diseases such as Cancer, Diabetes Mellitus type 2 and Cardiovascular Disorders. It also prevents any disease related to digestive system because the higher amount of fibres lessens or even eradicates the risk of such disorders.

Fat and cholesterol are the No.1 cause of increasing risks of cardiovascular disorders these days. Our diets are filled with both of these and nowadays it becomes very difficult to find anything to eat which won’t have fats in it. Pears are considered to be fat and cholesterol free and are a best substitute for heart patients.

An average person should consume 3 to 4 fruits per day to uphold his health and for this reason, pears and apples are the best fruits which can be taken on daily basis.

For the weight watchers, Pears are a blessing! They are very easy to chomp through, just squeeze a lemon on top of your sliced juicy pear and add up some spices like black pepper to augment your taste buds.

Consume this high fibrous fruit for losing your extra pounds or for maintaining your ideal weight. Pears simply does not let you gain more pounds in weight. Adding up this fruit in your diet plan will definitely help you to lose weight quickly. A high amount of fibre which is mainly found in its skin lets your food be digested easily, and people consuming this fruit on a daily basis are found to be more fit and healthier than those who don’t add fruits in their everyday meal.

Weight Watchers, Just watch out!

For those people who are striving to gain weight, pears are not recommended. Many women out there are suffering from malnutrition or other hormonal disorders which makes it difficult for them to gain weight no matter how much they eat. For such women, pears can be taken as a constituent in their fruit salad, poached, tarts and savoury. But pears should be taken now and then to maintain a healthy digestive system by adding up some calories in it and making it more nutritious.

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