How To Get Rid Of Pimples Overnight? List of 45 Easy Home Remedies

how to get rid of pimples

Is acne a big thorn in your side since the early teens? Waking up in the morning with a pimple on your face can be the most terrible thing on this planet. (We know! Trust us) Particularly when you are going to be a bridesmaid, or you have to go to your prom party right next day or at least people are going to see your face with that dreaded pimple.

Dealing with such a pesky pimple can give you a really tough time. Imagine the stress and anxiety that you face can lead to another pimple and another one pops up and then another and so on…… Wohhh

So you actually want to know how to get rid of pimples naturally overnight? Just hook on to this page as we will be revealing the largest list of DIY Homemade masks for blackheads and pimple that you won’t find anywhere else on the Internet.

Revealing “The 45 DIY Miracle Secrets of Dealing with Pimples, blackheads & Acne.”

Don’t flinch at a zit or two as we have curated the largest list of tried and tested methods of dealing with pimples and acne at home. From fruits to vegetables, toothpaste to mouthwashes every hack is on our list.

Read all the remedies and just don’t wait for a pimple to pop out. Have a trip to your kitchen, choose your favorite fruit or vegetable from the list and apply the food on your face. You can even use many of these home remedies for a softer and youthful skin. Don’t shy away to try if you are in your 40’s or 60’s. These hacks are for every girl or boy; men and women; from teens to oldies.

How to Get Rid of Pimples Overnight? 

Now you don’t need any expensive salon facials and treatments. All the ingredients are available right in your kitchen. Now starting off with the list of “45 DIY Miracle secrets of dealing with pimples, blackheads & acne. Fingers Crossed!

Quick Note: Don’t forget to read till the bottom as we are also going to share a secret way to deal with your pesky pimples and zits overnight.

1. Garlic

Garlic is a pimple fighter! With its antibacterial and antioxidant properties, it can give you overnight results. When a pimple or a zit pops up, rush to the kitchen to get a garlic clove, cut it and rub over the pimples for 2 minutes. Leave the garlic juices on your pimple for additional 5 minutes and then rinse your face with lukewarm water. You can repeat this process two to three times a day to treat the pimples or acne overnight.

2. Lemon

Lemon with its active citric acid and tingling sensation of ascorbic acid is always a rescuer when a blister appears. Though some people find lemon juice overly drying their skin yet it still is counted as the number one home remedy to treat acne, pimple or blackheads on oily skin. Dilute it with water or add honey, cinnamon or tomato juice to make your perfect acne busting treatment at home. In fact, you can combine lemon juice with turmeric, sugar or baking soda. The options are unlimited for DIY homemade fruit masks.

3. Cucumber

When you are having a breakout, cucumber does come to mind. Next time when a pimple pops up; grab a fresh cucumber from your refrigerator, cut it into thick slices and place it on your face. The coolness of cucumber is also very soothing for eyes so don’t forget to put two slices of cucumber on your eyes as well. This vegetable filled with 90% of water content is one of the go-to remedy for many people.

4. Aspirin

Over the counter medicines sure help in reducing pimples but have you tried this nifty tip using Aspirin to get rid of a pimple overnight? Aspirin contains anti-inflammatory properties thus applying it on the pimple topically can help you to reduce a pimple in size. However, don’t use it if you are prone to any allergic reactions with salicylic acid.

It is to be mentioned that some people show allergic reactions to aspirin. In such case, don’t take aspirin if you are allergic to ibuprofen, naproxen or suffering from salicylate intolerance. Applying externally can also cause potential damage to the skin. Also, if you have a dry or sensitive skin then skip to the other remedies as aspirin can be harsh on your skin.

But for the oilies, in order to use Aspirin as a topical treatment, you just need to crush the aspirin and mix it with water. Take one part of aspirin and mix it with three parts of water. This mixture should not be applied all over the face as it can give abrasive results. Use a Q-tip to apply the mixture only on the affected area. Wait for at least 30 minutes or until the paste hardens and begins to flake off by itself.

5. Papaya

Papaya is well known for the immense benefits that it offers in the beauty regime. Be it hair, skin or health papaya is beneficial in every state. Eat it or apply it on your face or hair; you’ll amaze with the results. The continuous use of papaya will astonish you with its flabbergasting results.

To get rid of a pimple overnight use the papaya paste on your face. It contains enzymes that reduces the inflammation and makes the skin softer. Ditch the store bought papaya masks & scrubs and try out fresh papaya on your face.

Take a papaya and peel off its skin. Now mash it and apply it all over the face. Leave it on for 20 to 30 minutes to nourish and replenish the skin cells. You can use papaya paste twice in a day to get quicker results. Additionally, add honey to maximize the benefits on your skin.

6. Ice

Hard frozen water can do wonders for you. Next time whenever you are going to freeze the ice cubes this handy tip is going to swift through your mind. An ice cube can fabulously treat your pimple. Take a piece of cloth or a tissue paper and wraps an ice cube in it. Now apply the ice cube over the affected area where your zit or a pimple popped out.

Do it 3 to 4 times daily for 5 mins. Continue until you see your pimple vanished.

7. Turmeric (ubtan)

The use of turmeric is a time-honored tradition. The ancient turmeric recipes are still used in Asian countries as a counter treatment for acne, pimples, and blackheads. Well, this ubtan recipe is also notorious for removing unwanted hair from the face and body. Turmeric, Gram flour and milk (or fresh cream) is the well-versed combination for having a glowing skin free from pimples.

Take 2 tablespoon gram flour and add 1/2 teaspoon of turmeric powder along with 1 teaspoon of cream. Mix well and apply it over your whole face and neck. If you have a dry or sensitive skin then add 1/2 teaspoon honey or oatmeal in it. Leave the mask for 20 minutes or until it dries.

8. Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe vera gel is one the herbal treatment for healing skin. If you have acne scars or dull skin, take a leaf of aloe vera, cut from the centre and look for the jelly like substance in it- that is the Aloe Vera gel. You can apply the aloe vera gel directly on your face or any part of the body for an added glow and suppleness to the skin. Aloe Vera gel is also effective on acne scars. Remember, don’t use the yellow part of the aloe vera as it becomes toxic and would harm the skin instead.

9. Yogurt

Yogurt is made up from the bacterial fermentation of milk hence it is rich in lactic acid. The continuous use of yogurt also helps in skin lightening process. It can help to treat the acne at bay. It also nourishes the skin with nutrients such as vitamins and zinc. Apply it as it is or make your own yogurt mask by adding turmeric, honey or banana in it.

10. Apple Cider Vinegar

Scrap off the mature and old skin cells with marvel apple cider vinegar DIY toner. Apple cider vinegar is an active acne buster agent that helps to fight the deadliest acne on your face. Include this wonder in your daily beauty regime and you will see the results soon.

Mix 2 tablespoon apple cider vinegar with one teaspoon honey. Apply it all over the face. It will be sticky but leave it on your face overnight. The next morning: when you wake up, just wash your face with a gentle cleanser to see the baby soft skin, and you are good to go to flaunt your glowing, silky smooth skin.

11. Banana

This antioxidant rich fruit is a miracle. It has immense benefits for the skin and hair. It is rich in Vitamin A, B, C and E and also contains zinc, magnesium, and iron. Even just rubbing banana peels on the skin has shown some really promising results. It removes toxins from the pores and makes skin look more youthful, shiny and glowing.

If you are on a quest to find a home remedy that removes blemishes and wrinkles, then banana peels should be on your to-do list. Banana peels can also be used in combination with lemon, honey, oats, turmeric or baking soda. Simply put the banana peel in a mixer along with any of the ingredient that you would want to have in your DIY mask to form a paste. This banana peel DIY mask is so refreshing and soothing that you can use it on a daily basis until you witness the results by yourself.

12. Oranges

Who doesn’t know that oranges are a power pack factory of Vitamin C? Even in cosmetology or skin lightening treatments, vitamin C serums are recommended to apply topically. Orange juice or orange peels are equally beneficial for the skin. Sun dry the orange peels and make powder in the grinder. Now you can mix the orange peels powder with yogurt, cream or oatmeal. Apply the mask on face and keep it for 15 to 20 minutes to pamper your skin and then wash your face with cold water.

13. Basil Leaves

Wondering how to get rid of pimples naturally? Basil leaves are useful for getting rid of pimples. Extract the basil leaves juice by boiling the basil leaves in water for 15 to 20 minutes. Strain the basil leaves extract and apply it on a cleansed face with the help of a cotton ball. Do this remedy before going to bed so the basil leaves extract would work on your skin overnight. In the morning wash your face with a mild soap.

14. Green Tea

Use the green tea leftover teabags to make your green tea mask so as to get rid of blackheads and acne faster. Alternatively, green tea ice cubes are also excellent toner for your skin. The ice cubes made with green tea can help to minimize your pores and eliminates acne and blemishes if used ritually.

To make green tea ice cubes, prepare strong green tea, let it cool down and then pour it into the ice cube tray to have your own DIY green tea ice cubes. After cleansing, take out a green tea ice cube and rub it over the face. Follow this remedy for two months and see remarkable results. You can also add lemon or honey in the green tea to increase its effectiveness over your pimples.

15. Head & Shoulders Classic Clean Shampoo

Are you having a mine of pimples on your back? For back acne (the acne that one gets on the upper or lower back, shoulders and around the neck), this is one miraculous treat. This is tried and tested method and has helped an enormous number of teens and adults all around the world to get rid of back acne. Back acne is also termed as ‘Bacne’.

The remedy is plain simple. You just need Head & Shoulders Shampoo, the classic clean formula that contains zinc pyrothine. Take a shower as usual and in the end, you just need to apply head & shoulder classic clean shampoo on your back. Leave it on for maximum 5 minutes and then wash your back.

16. Peppermint

Take out fresh peppermint leaves crush them or make a paste in a blender and apply it all over the face. The cooling, stinging sensation would help to reduce the redness of a pimple. It also contains anti-bacterial properties; thus it would fight the bacteria living in your pores.

Alternatively, applying two to three drops of peppermint oil over the acne would also help to fight with the breakout. Rinse your face with water afterwards.

17. Witch Hazel Toner

Now this remedy is not known to many, yet the effects can be astounding. This witch hazel toner can be an effective way to combat the frequent breakouts. To make this toner at home you need 1/3 cup of apple cider vinegar diluted with 2/3 cups of water. Now add 2 to 3 teaspoons of witch hazel and swirl until everything combines well.

The toner is gentle enough so it can be used for dry and mature skin but be aware if you are allergic to witch hazel. You can make this toner and keep it in a spray bottle and use it regularly. You can also use it after removing makeup to help the pores breath.

18. Neem

Neem leaves are enriched with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal proprieties. It is effective in banishing other skin problems as well such as eczema.

19. Mouthwash

I bet you never thought of a Mouthwash to treat your pimples or blackheads. Well, the truth is that mouthwash can be a super saver to reduce the appearance of your pimple. It has the tendency to dry a pimple quickly as it works as an astringent.

Simply take a cotton swab, dip it in your mouthwash and dab it over a pimple or acne. Leave the mouthwash on your pimple overnight to see the results. Continue this remedy until you see that a pimple has vanished. DON’T apply the mouthwash all over your face as it can suck your natural oils from the face leaving you with dry patches on face.

20. Toothpaste

Ever wondered that a commodity in your washroom could become a life savior for you? You got it right it’s there in everyone’s washroom. “Toothpaste” can help you at the most critical time of your life. Next time a pimple pops out, just run to your washroom to get the toothpaste. Dab on toothpaste over your pimple for 30 minutes or leave it overnight. While your toothpaste will be busy in fighting with the pimple pop, you can seemingly enjoy the coolness of mint on your face. Still thinking that how to get rid of pimples with toothpaste? Don’t ponder just go and try it now.

On a quick note: Don’t apply the gel toothpaste on your skin as the results are not the same. Look for the fluoride or white toothpaste. Colgate is ideal for this remedy.

21. Steam

Steam is really effective in dealing with blackheads, pimples or acne. The steam helps your pores to open and make them squishy clean. Make it a ritual to take steam once or twice in a month. The heat will open up the pores so you can extract the dirt or sebum out of it with the extraction tool. But remember to close the pores by washing your face with ice cold water afterward. Apply the toner and moisturizer to complete the facial. Once you take the steam, you can witness the squishy clean results.

22. Glycolic acid & Salicylic acid

Look for a cleanser that contains glycolic and salicylic acid as it tends to treat the pimples as over the counter medication. Cleansing and toning skin daily can help you to keep your skin clean and acne free. For those who have an acne prone skin must follow cleansing and toning twice a day.

23. Eye drops

When you have an inflammation caused due to a pimple or zit, look for the eye drops that contains tetrahydrozoline hydrochloride. Put a drop on the pimple or use a q-tip to apply eye drops on the pimple. Don’t apply the eye drops on entire face as it can irritate your skin.

24. Tea bags

When you drink tea, preserve your tea bags for future use. Teabags can be very useful for everyday hacks and home remedies. If you are looking for a hot compress over a pimple to reduce inflammation, then use warm tea bags. Hold the tea bags on the affected area for around 30 to 60 seconds.

25. Sandalwood powder

The benefits of sandalwood powder are immense when it comes to skin care. You can use sandalwood powder to treat your acne, blackheads, blemishes, open pores, large pores, dark circles and dark spots. It also sucks the oil and sebum deposited on the skin.

You can make a paste from sandalwood powder by mixing one tablespoon of sandalwood powder with ½ teaspoon turmeric powder. Add rose water until it forms a fine thick paste. Apply this mixture on a cleansed face and leave it on for 15 minutes or until the masks dry. Wash your face with water at room temperature and lastly, splash your face with cold water.

26. Cinnamon Powder

You can also use cinnamon powder for the ugly breakouts. However, before trying this mask on the face; test a small area near the hairline or the inner part of your arms to see if it does not itch or cause any inflammation or burning sensation on the skin. If your skin can tolerate the mask only, then continue to apply it on the face.

Take 2 to 3 tablespoons of good quality honey and add one teaspoon cinnamon powder in it. Mix it well, until both forms a unified mixture. You can leave this mask for half an hour and then wash it with lukewarm water. This mask can be applied twice or thrice in a week.

27. Potato Juice

The use of potato juice to bust the acne marks and pimples is surprisingly effective. It helps to eliminate harmful toxins and also smooths out the fine lines. Potatoes also contain vitamin C that helps to fight off the pimples and blackheads.

To treat your pimple overnight, extract the potato juice by mashing it with a fork and then strain it. Apply pressure so that you can extract the potato’s juice. Put the potato juice in the freezer for 20 minutes or until it is cold enough to apply on the blemishes. Add nutmeg powder to speed up the acne vanishing process. Leave it for overnight. This mixture will help to reduce the inflammation and redness of a pimple making you happy-go in the morning.

28. Kiwi

Use kiwi on your face to reap the benefits of this exotic tropical fruit. Prepare a face pack using a mashed avocado and kiwi to get a smooth and glowing skin. Take half mashed avocado and mix it with mashed kiwi. Add honey for an added moisturizing effect if you have a dry or sensitive skin. Apply the mixture on skin for 15 to 20 minutes and then wash your face. Enjoy the perfect glow on your skin for the rest of the night.

29. Olive oil

Who doesn’t know the significance of olive oil in beauty regime? This ingredient is a go-to remedy for many people out there. Massage olive oil daily in your skin to get rid of the fine lines, wrinkles, and radical damages. You can apply olive oil before getting to bed so as to let it soak into the skin. Otherwise, you can use olive oil with lemon, honey, baking soda or garlic to reduce the redness and size of your pimple. You can even add olive oil to any of the vegetable or fruit masks mentioned here.

30. Almonds

Take 4 to 5 crushed almonds and mix them with one tablespoon of milk or cream. Apply it for 20 to 30 minutes and then rinse your face. Alternatively, sweet almond oil is also effective in cleaning the dirt out of your pores. It can also be used as a makeup removing agent.

31. Vitamin E

Applying vitamin E oil directly on the face also helps to improve the texture of skin. It also assists in fading acne scars, dark spots, dry skin patches and eliminating wrinkles under the eye and around the mouth.

Mix one tablespoon of almond oil, olive oil or honey with one Vitamin E capsule. Apply the mixture on your face and leave it overnight to witness the radiant and glowing skin in the morning. This remedy is very effective in winters to combat the dryness of skin. Additionally, you can add Vitamin E oil in any of the fruit or vegetable masks.

32. Strawberries

Strawberries are rich in antioxidants and are effective in curing acne. You can prepare an excellent strawberry scrub at home. Just take a bunch of ripe strawberries (say 5 to 6) mix them with sugar and olive oil to form a granule-like scrub. Before going to bath, scrub your face and body with the royal strawberry scrub that you have made by yourself. This strawberry scrub will refresh you with its fruity fragrance. Enjoy the luxurious shower time.

33. Salt

Ever heard of the use of this vital kitchen ingredient to treat acne? Mix it with olive oil and massage your face to improve blood circulation and flow.

Sea salt is also beneficial in treating blackheads, acne prone skin, and blemishes. You can take 1 1/2 tablespoon of sea salt and mix it with aloe vera gel to make a scrub and exfoliator. The aloe vera gel will help to make it a liquid mixture that will be easy to apply on the face. Try it today and leave a comment to tell how it works.

34. Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is another remedy to treat a pimple overnight. This powerful pimple and blackhead buster oil is well known for its benefits for the people with oily skin. This ingredient is also a part of many well know beauty products owing to its immense benefits for the skin. You simply need to dilute tea tree oil with water and apply it on the face with the help of a cotton swab. Leave it overnight, to help tea tree oil battle with your stubborn acne. Regular use of tea tree oil products has shown promising results for blackheads and acne prone skin. It also helps to reduce the oil secretions and clogged pores.

35. Egg

Eggs are not just meant for eating! There are tons of ways to use eggs for treating your acne and giant zits on your skin. Whisk egg white and apply it on the face to let the enzymes work on your skin to heal. Continuous use of egg whites on the skin can help you to annihilate the acne scarring and pimple popping. Eggs are nourishing for skin, however, avoid egg yolk for acne prone skin. Combine egg whites with lemon, honey, tomatoes, olive oil or almond oil to maximize benefits for your skin.

36. Coffee

If you are fond of coffee or chocolate, then this is one hell of a mask for you. Coffee has done wonders for some people who were busted by acne, blackheads, and scars. Use coffee grounds as an exfoliator for your skin to remove the dead cells. Coffee is also helpful in reducing cellulite. Make your coffee mask by combining two teaspoons of powdered coffee with ½ teaspoon

Make your coffee mask by mixing two teaspoons of powdered coffee with ½ teaspoon cocoa powder, one teaspoon honey and few drops of lemon juice (for oily skin) or olive oil (for dry skin). Combine all the ingredients and gently apply this mask on cleansed face for 20 minutes. Wash your face once it dries and see your glowing and radiant skin. Just don’t forget to say thanks to the coffee beans.

37. Tomatoes

You can use tomatoes to treat acne in multiple ways. There is no hard and fast rule to use tomatoes. All the homemade masks offer immense benefits to skin. Staying away from chemical products can further help your skin to shine and improves its radiance. Eat tomatoes to get a red flush on cheeks or apply tomatoes masks on your face to get a rosy complexion.

Tomatoes are also used as a remedy to clear up acne and scars. For this purpose, take 2 teaspoons of tomato juice and mix it with 2 teaspoons of cucumber juice. Apply the juices on your face with the help of cotton bud. You can leave the tomato and cucumber juice for 20 minutes or more. Repeat this daily.

38. Avocado

Avocado is rich in Vitamins that improves the elasticity of skin, and it also helps to reduce the wrinkles. You can include the avocado mask in your daily beauty regime as it is a powerful mask that has the ability to cater all your skin problems. It acts as an exfoliator and removes dirt from the skin. It will also help with deep pore cleansing. Avocado masks can be prepared with lemon, honey, yogurt and egg white to treat zits and blackheads.

Take ¼ ripe avocado and add 1 to 2 teaspoon of yogurt or honey to form a paste that could be easily applied to the face and neck. Leave the avocado mask on your face to work for at least 20 to 25 minutes. Wash your face with cold water.

39. Rosewater

Rosewater is an ancient commodity that has been used for years in skincare and beauty regime. You can use rosewater instead of water or milk to liquefy a mask. Rose water can also be used in Ubtan (turmeric mask). Additionally, use rosewater instead of water or milk in any of your mask for an added tonic for your skin.

40. Mint Leaves

Take a small bunch of mint leaves crush them in a blender along with one tablespoon lemon juice so it forms a paste that is easy to apply on the face. The texture of the paste shouldn’t be runny; otherwise, it will be dripping off your face. This masks will soothe your skin and reduce the redness of face caused due to acne.

41. Castor Oil

The benefits of castor oil are well known for growing eyelashes long. It is also an effective remedy for growing long silk hair. Likewise, castor oil is also ideal for treating acne and pimples. It promotes the production of collagen and also helps to get rid of acne scars. Some people avoid using castor oil on the face because of the thick texture. You can mix it with almond oil, coconut oil or jojoba oil to reap twofold benefits.

42. Cloves

Cloves can be directly applied to the skin to treat acne. Otherwise, you can take 3 to 4 cloves, crush them to make powder. Mix the clove powder with fullers’ earth and apply it on the face. Alternatively, use clove oil directly on the acne to remove the scars. Use a Q-tip to apply the clove oil on the affected region directly.

43. Fuller’s Earth

If you are looking for deep pore cleansing, then fuller’s earth can be a good option. It is very effective in controlling oil and minimizing pores if used on a regular basis. This remedy is also excellent for mature ladies having dropping and sagging skin. Consistent use of fuller’s earth can also help in enhancing the complexion. It’s a great remedy for a soft and clear skin.

Take 2 teaspoons of fuller’s earth and add rose water until you get a thick paste that can be applied on face and neck easily. You can also add vitamin E oil, lemon juice or yogurt. People with dry skin can add honey or glycerin for added moisture. Otherwise, the fuller’s earth can suck the oil and may harm the skin eventually.

44. Grapeseed Oil

The use of grapeseed oil in your skin care regime can help you to cut off a couple of years of your age. It makes skin smoother and firmer hence you look young and beautiful. Researchers have shown that grapeseed oil has promising results for acne prone skin.

Grapeseed oil has a light consistency, and little drops of oil go a long way. Just take few drops of grapeseed oil and directly massage it on your face in circular motion with the help of your fingertips. Do it daily to see visibly firmer skin within a month.

45. Milk

Milk is a skin lightening agent that helps to shed the pigmented cells. Milk can be used in a variety of ways to treat acne and pimple marks. Continuous use can also help you to get rid of breakouts.

One of the tried and tested remedies for skin lightening and clear acne skin is the use of unboiled milk with lemon. For this treatment, you need 4 tablespoons fresh cow milk and add one teaspoon lemon juice in it. The milk will become sour. At this point, it may have an unpleasant smell because the addition of lemon makes the milk sour. Take a cotton bud, dip it in the prepared mixture and apply over your face and neck. Leave it until it dries and then wash your face and neck with water.

Avoid this remedy if you are not able to tolerate the potent smell.

We are updating this post on a regular basis so keep coming back for additional home remedies to treat pimples at home overnight.


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