Microdermabrasion Before and After Shocking Results

Microdermabrasion Before and After

Are you tired of those useless skin treatments that promise to give you beautiful skin but do absolutely nothing for you?

Do you wish to keep your skin alive, healthy and younger looking?

But still, your life’s major issue is that you suffer from dead skin, enlarged pores, ageing spots, crow’s feet, acne scars, pigmentation or wrinkles…..

Do you just want one treatment that can help you to get rid of every sign of ageing and environmental exposure?

The technological advancements over the past few years have made it possible to treat skin issues in a variety of non-surgical ways. Many aestheticians have started using a procedure to get rid of all these problems that are not only faced by you alone but also by most of the women these days. This divine treatment is called Microdermabrasion.

Mostly women encounter such skin issues at the age of 35 to 50 years when the ageing process begins. But these days even younger girls also struggle to look pretty and alluring. Young people are also having bad skin and skin issues such as enlarged pores, crow feet etc. For such individuals, Microdermabrasion is the right procedure. Microdermabrasion before and after results are astonishing.


What is Microdermabrasion?

Microdermabrasion is a non-chemical, non-invasive technique that rejuvenates skin by using a unique instrument with micro crystals that clears away any debris present on the skin. It exfoliates the skin deeply. It also clears away the dead skin cells present on the skin that gives your skin that dull and lifeless look. It will bring out the new and healthy looking cells from underneath that have been hidden up till now.

There are tons of benefits of Microdermabrasion which makes it such a notable procedure.

Every young or old woman these days want to get this treatment to make her skin look young and beautiful. Microdermabrasion before and after effects are incredible. Many people who are getting this treatment are getting astonishing results and are investing more in this procedure. Following are the visible results that women rave about:

  • It helps to deal with enlarged pores, stern wrinkles, blackheads and stretch marks.
  • It peels off the dead skin which gets dark and dull due to environmental exposure, revealing more glowing and healthier looking skin.
  • It increases blood flow to the skin which speeds up the transfer of nutrients to the skin. It exposes healthier layers of skin which provide a glowing and fresh effect to the skin.
  • It also improves the production of collagen and elastin which helps to improve skin’s appearance giving it more firm and flushed look.
  • The best part of this treatment is that it can be done on any skin type and any skin colour. For all those women out there who suffers from hyperpigmentation and feel bad about their, condition Microdermabrasion has been a blessing for them because after getting this procedure they can get rid of their hyperpigmentation without any side effects.

This treatment has a lot of benefits but a bit drawbacks too.

  • The first issue with this treatment is that it is very expensive and should be performed at regular intervals otherwise you won’t see the proper results. Its average cost can be up to $100-$200 per setting depending upon the experience of your aesthetician.
  • Secondly, it requires almost 6-10 courses of treatment after intervals of about every two weeks.
  • Thirdly, you have to search for an experienced aesthetician for your treatment because getting your skin treated from an inexperienced aesthetician can lead to further complications as this procedure requires a perfectionist.
  • Those women who are suffering from any skin disease such as eczema, rosacea, seborrheic dermatitis, and psoriasis should first consult their doctors before getting this treatment.
  • It can treat acne and light acne scars but can’t clear deep acne scars also called ‘pock-marks’.

Nowadays, microdermabrasion has become a trend and is getting very popular in the west. More and more women are attracted towards its amazing effects and are getting this treatment on a regular basis.

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